About Us

Welcome to Dominican Institute

The Dominican Institute is an institution of tertiary education established and owed by the Order of Preachers—the Dominican Order—in the Province of St. Joseph the Worker, Nigeria and Ghana. Drawing from the long and rich intellectual tradition of the Order, especially from the perennial insights of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Institute strives for academic excellence through constructive and creative dialogue with other traditions and contemporary interlocutors.

By reason of the international character and spirit of the Dominican Order, the Institute shares similar international perspective and character. This is reflected in the diversity of both its staff and students.

Demonstrating Dominican openness, the Institute, through its Advisory Board, collaborates with other religious institutes whose members study or teach at the Institute. At the same time, the Institute is highly committed to positively and creatively safeguarding its Catholic identity.

Our Vision as an Institution

The Vision of the Dominican Institute is to strive to be a centre of excellence for quality humanitarian, managerial, and technological education of her graduates.

Our Mission Statements

To promote teaching and research in the areas of philosophy and theology

To use the Dominican philosophy of education of Thomas Aquinas to promote a conversation with the world of sciences, arts and culture and religions

To respond to Nigeria and Africa’s need for integration and development

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the Grand Chancellor, the Chancellor, the Board of Governors, Staff and Students of the Dominican Institute, Here at the Dominican Institute, we have a tradition of promoting faith and reason.

The Dominican Institute is justifiably proud of her consistency in producing excellent graduating students who mature into fine scholars and competent leaders in Church and society within and outside Nigeria. The Institute has been able to accomplish this feat because she has refused to compromise standards. And you will soon become part of that tradition of fine scholarship, of consistency in maintaining standards, and of always striving to excel.

The Dominican Institute will challenge and encourage you to bring the best out of yourself. The Institute does not encourage students to settle for the second best but to work for the best. We intend to make a clear and eloquent statement that only the best is good for Nigeria, only students who are willing to actualize their potential can transform Nigeria into a developed polity, a veritable aggregate of citizens of actualized potentials