Alumni: Our Treasured Pearls

The Dominican Institute Ibadan Alumni Association (DIIAA) is a non-governmental association comprising of former students of the Dominican Institute Ibadan. Established in 1994, the Dominican Institute Ibadan graduated its first set of students in 1998 in the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy programme run in affiliation with Nigeria’s premier university, namely the University of Ibadan. Since graduating its pioneer students, over six hundred students have graduated from degree programmes including Bachelor of Sacred Theology and Master of Arts in Theology run by the Institute in affiliation with the Pontifical University of St. Thomas, Rome and Duquesne University, Pittsburgh respectively. From other non-degree programmes, the Institute has equally enriched the lives of over a hundred students who have completed such non-degree programmes such as Diploma in Religious Formation, Diploma in Christian Theology and Spirituality and Certificate in Christian Theology. Today, members of the DIIAA are dispersed globally and making transformative impacts in different parts of the world as lecturers in institutions of higher learning, pastors of souls in different Catholic dioceses around the world, educational administrators, and professionals in different fields of endeavour.

We Connect to Grow Together

The Institute desires to bequeath two things to her students: the first is roots to remain solidly ingrained with strong intellectual and moral fibre and the second is wings to soar higher and progressively attain realms of excellence in every endeavour. DIIAA is thus an organization that brings together all former students of the Institute under an umbrella of friendship, solidarity, mutual support, and pursuit of the vision and mission of the Institute.

Accordingly, DIIAA has the following objectives:

  1. advancement of professional growth and competence of members
  2. promotion of friendship among former students across ethnic boundaries and religious affiliation
  3. provision of mutual support and solicitude for members
  4. creation of opportunities for further intellectual, social, moral and spiritual growth
  5. promotion and support for programmes and projects of the Institute

Benefits of DIIAA

Registered and confirmed members of DIIAA are entitled to some benefits. Such benefits include:

  1. access to and use of institutional electronic mail account services for academic purposes only
  2. access to scholarship information and priority consideration for scholarship opportunities in the Institute
  3. regular invitation to online and onsite educational programmes of the Institute
  4. 20% percent rebate on cost of personal and official transcripts provided the application is made from personal student/alumni institutional electronic mail account
  5. access to connect with former classmates and contemporaries
  6. priority consideration for participation in grant-funded research projects of the Institute
  7. and other unfolding benefits

Institutional Electronic Mail Account Policy

As provided for in the Dominican Institute Ibadan Institutional Electronic Mail Policy (February 17, 2022), the following are excerpts of the terms and conditions of the policy concerning securement and use of institutional electronic mail account services.

  1. Email services are made available to staff, students and alumni strictly for academic purposes, and for ease of communication by and between the Institute and themselves.
  2. Users of e-mail services of the Institute provided through the support of G-Suite for Education Services shall agree and adhere to Google terms of service upon opening their new email accounts created
  3. Institutional email accounts are provided for with addresses only. Email accounts of members of faculty and administrative staff are to be identified with the following format: Email accounts of students and members of the alumni are to be identified with the following format:
  4. Each authorized user of institutional email account is to be held fully responsible for mails emanating from their email accounts
  5. Institutional email accounts are not transferable to third parties. Each individual or university unit assigned institutional email accounts must not release passwords to third parties without due authorization.
  6. Use of institutional email accounts for illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Illegal use may include, but is not limited to, obscenity; pornography; threats; harassment; theft; attempting unauthorized access to secured data, attempting to breach any security measures on any electronic correspondence; and attempting to intercept any electronic correspondence without due authorization.
  7. The Institute reserves the right and authority to restrict access to and/or deny access to any user who has breached proper use of this mail service.

Join us and Stay Connected with Friends

To qualify to join DIIAA, you must have studied at the Institute. If you are currently in your final year of studies at the Institute or you have graduated from any of the programmes of the Institute, you are invited to register with DIIAA.

To commence registration with DIIAA, please click on the following link Alumni Registration form